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Did you mean: Oy, I need a nosh   

Find a nice, Jewish person
Your mother worries about you -- she just wants you to be happy, and she really does know what's best for you. You can search for later... - 36k

Call your mother instead of searching the Internet for ...
These newfangled VOIP services make it so cheap, and she really hasn't heard from you in a while. Would it kill you to pick up the phone and give your mother a call?... - 18k

He'Brew, The Chosen Beer
Way more fun than -- delicious beer and delicious shtick. L'Chaim!... - 1818k

You're too thin. Eat something.
Soups, smoked fish, bagels -- all strictly kosher.... - 54k until 120k

Lex Friedman - Jake Rubin - Call Your Mother

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